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Key Bearer photos

The hero of Earn Fire, Hugh Reynir, is a photographer, and it is fitting that the series is illustrated by the photographs he took on his adventures. Fortunately, by convenient coincidence, I am also a photographer, and so I was able to follow in his footsteps, chariot tracks, whatever, and fill in the pictures he was unable to take when he was otherwise indisposed or cameraless. For example, he forgot to get dressed and take his camera when he left Caer Arianrhod on his way to Cader Idris, so I snapped the pix of Arianrhod’s castle being submerged beneath the waves again, and even managed — well, the camera did it — to get a shot of the ghost of her castle. See the photos pages on this blog for the results.

The header photo represents Ellan’s idealised image of Reynir as her knight in shining armor.

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