Key Bearer photos – Key West

Some of the action in both Earn Fire and The Shore of Two Worlds takes place in Key West, Florida, and Captain Tony Tarracino (1916-2008) has a walk-on part in both books.

Captain Tony wearing his “Jesus is coming – and boy is He pissed” T-shirt, with singer Jimmy Buffett, who got his start at Captain Tony’s Saloon.

Mallory Sunset

Mallory Sunset red

Duval Street

The Shore of Two Worlds includes scenes at Rest Beach and in the salt ponds.

Salt pond

Salt Pond: Louisiana Tri-color Heron

Salt Pond: immature Yellow-crowned Night Heron

Rest Beach moonrise

Rest Beach sunset

At the beginning of Earn Fire, Chico has difficulty delivering The Miami Herald to the upper storey of a house because of a Royal Poinciana.

Royal Poinciana


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