About Richard Marsh

1960s – radio presenter, Detroit, Michigan; columnist and feature-writer, Manistique Pioneer-Tribune, radio presenter, Manistique, Michigan.

1970s – reporter and managing editor, The Paper, Detroit, Michigan; writer and managing editor, Directions Magazine, Miami, Florida; contributing editor, Key West Guide; reporter and associate editor, Solares Hill newspaper; publisher-editor Pocket Poetry and Pocket Poetry Press; freelance journalist and photographer; book, film and theatre reviewer, race track groom and pony boy (see pic below).

1980s – freelance or staff journalist for newspapers, magazines and radio; magazine managing editor in Dublin, Ireland; freelance or staff radio presenter.

1990s – English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teacher; freelance writer for print and radio; radio presenter; Legendary Tours guide, storyteller, author.

2000 – present – Legendary Tours guide, storyteller, author, film and television extra (see pic below).


Again in Complete Steel (poetry), 1975

Facets (poetry), 1992

Au Pair in Ireland (non-fiction), 1996; second edition 2004 (ebook)

The Legends and Lands of Ireland (traditional stories), 2004

Tales of the Wicklow Hills (non-fiction), 2007

English Like It Is: Right, Wrong and Changing Usage (non-fiction), ebook 2009, updated 2014

Utmost Magpie (fiction), ebook 2009

These Things Happen (inspirational radio and magazine articles), ebook 2010

Spanish and Basque Legends (traditional stories), 2010

The Key Bearer Saga, ebooks: Earn Fire (2011) and The Shore of Two Worlds (2012) are the first two volumes of the trilogy.

Irish King and Hero Tales (traditional stories), 2011
(German edition forthcoming 2014)

The Secrets of Storytelling (translator) – (Los Secretos del Cuentacuentos by Beatriz Montero), 2012

Once a Hero (novel in the form of a screenplay), 2012

A Blirt to the End and Other Stories (ebook, 13 short stories), 2012

Over the Wall to the Trinity Ball and other poems (ebook, 34 poems), 2012

Meath Folk Tales (print), Meath Folk Tales (ebook), The History Press Ireland, 2013


Saints and Gore and Fairy Lore: Irish and Basque Legends, 1997
The Tower of Breogán and Other Tales from Ireland and Spain, 2003

Contact: Richard@RichardMarsh.ie


Royal Society of Antiquaries of Ireland, Wicklow Archaeological Society,
The Folklore of Ireland Society, Irish Actors’ Equity, Society of Authors, Dublin Yarnspinners, Storytellers of Ireland (Aos Scéal Éireann), Red Internacional de Cuentacuentos (International Storytelling Network), Heritage in Schools, Writers in Schools.

Tropical Race Course, Miami, 1970s

King’s Councillor in The Tudors

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